The word “cornerstone” has a couple of meanings. Literally, it’s the stone that forms the base between two walls, supporting them both. It’s also used to describe anything that forms a strong foundation, anything that supports something important–anything you can depend on, basically.  And similarly, with Virtual Cornerstone, I had two goals: to add to the foundation of knowledge for tech professionals, and to create a strong platform of community based on learning, respect and skills.  If this blog brings people together and provides a backbone of knowledge for them, then Virtual Cornerstone has done its job.

As for me, I’m a systems administrator, originally from Belize but transplanted to the Southeast. I like hiking, biking, tacos (only the best), spending time with my family, and the occasional Corona.

Stick around, have a look, comment and share!

(Matthew 21:42)

Edgar Sanchez
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